In this video you will learn tips and tricks from Steve Jobs. How to make your presentation rock like Steve Jobs’ presentations.

  1. Make your theme clear and consistent.
  2. Create a headline that sets the direction for your meeting (gives to the audience a reason to listen).
  3. Provide the outline.
  4. Open and close each section with a clear transition (make it easy for your listeners to follow your story).
  5. Demonstrate enthusiasm (words like extraordinary, amazing, cool, incredible, unbelievable, and awesome) – Wow your audience!
  6. Not presentation mode (formal and stiff) – Give to the listeners the permission to have fun and be excited.
  7. Sell an experience – Make numbers and statistics meaningful.
  8. Use analogies: they help connect the dots for your audience.
  9. Make it visual (simple on the eyes).
  10. Paint a simple picture that doesn’t overwhelm.
  11. Give the audience a show.
  12. Identify your memorable moment and build up to it.
  13. Rehearse, Rehearse, And Rehearse.
  14. “One more thing” (at the end of presentation) – Give your audience an added bonus to walk away with.
  15. Strong opening – Product demonstration – Strong conclusion – “One more thing”.


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